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Posted 11 April 2010 - 08:43 PM

(Here are 3 separate excerpts from each of our current main writers, Wererat 42, LTalon, and Myself, though not in that order. There's a lot more in the demo, and far more then that in the game itself, but hopefully this will give a good introduction to the game.)

[Pose Change: Patchouli Normal]
Patchy: "Oh yes. Koakuma's mostly done with your project, just so you know."

[Pose Change: Alice Suspicious]
Alice: "Wait a second now. What is this big research project you two are talking about?"

Oh right, I hadn't told Alice. It just hadn't come up. Reimu was still chatting with Remilia and Sakuya so...

Marisa: "I'm working on an immortality potion."

[Pose Change: Alice Surprise Blush]
Alice: "Eh?"

[Pose Change: Patchouli Book]
Patchy: "Or in more simple terms she's finally working at becoming a true magician."

[Pose Change: Alice Normal Blush]
Alice: "I see. Well I imagine you'll be at it for a while then. I guess that explains why you were looking for books from me."

Hm... Alice looked a little odd. Maybe I'm imagining things.

Marisa: "Yeah. Though I've been working on immortality before. I'm just prioritizing it now."

[Pose Change: Alice Happy]
Alice: "Well I suppose it's better then the Hourai Elixir in the long term. Though it's a little odd to be talking about that at a flower viewing festival."

[Pose Change: Patchouli Curious]
Patchy: "How so?"

[Pose Change: Alice Normal]
Alice: "Well the cherry blossoms are about the beauty of transience are they not?"

Reimu stepped up having finished her conversation with Remilia apparently.

[Exit Alice]

[Pose Change: Reimu Normal]
Reimu: "Yeah. It's about the passing beauty."

[Pose Change: Patchouli Normal]
Patchy: "Ah. I suppose humans would see it that way. Most youkai too I guess."

[Pose Change: Reimu Thinking]
Reimu: "How would you see it then?"

Patchy: "To me it shows eternity. Or at least as close as I wish to come to eternity."

Reimu, Alice and I just looked at each other. None of us seemed to quite understand what Patchouli was suggesting.

[Pose Change: Reimu Exasperated]
Reimu: "Well here comes the Prismrivers. I'd better make sure they don't practice any solos where humans can hear."

Reimu sighed and flew off to greet the poltergeists.

Patchy: "Anyway, I'm sure we'll be able to speak more later."

Patchouli nodded to Alice and I, then floated off.

[Pose Change: Alice Normal]
Alice: "Looks like the guests are arriving. I should help Reimu set out my snacks. I'll meet up with you later I'm sure."

Marisa: "See ya Alice."

She and her dolls floated off in another direction.

[Scene Change: Flower Festival]

More and more people were showing up. Of the big names, I think only Shikieki and Satori were missing, since I'd bet money that Orin and Okuu were somewhere about, probably in animal form.

Off to one side Yukari had already started fooling around with gap hax, and Yuyuko was messing with Mystia by taking her time with some chicken wings.

On the other side Eirin and Keine were doing their best to keep Kaguya and Mokou's brawling to reasonable levels.

All in all it seemed like a fairly normal party.

Hm... Maybe I should:


[x] Go grab some snacks.

It may be the flower festival, but "dumplings over flowers" is a kinda the truth. It was time to secure my snacks before the rest of Gensoukyo cleaned them all out.

Sakuya had outdone herself this time, and I managed to grab both dumplings and some of her western snacks no problem.

However, Alice's basket was empty when I got there! That was just unacceptable. Fortunately I can handle these little issues with a bit of skill.

'Once again Dr Yagokoro, it seems there is nothing you possess that I cannot take away.'

[Kleptomania Up!]

Having done my normal carousing, I started to look for the best place to sit and relax while the sun set. The transition from day flower viewing to night time flower viewing was something to be carefully observed.

And for that one must find a spot away from the center of the party, yet still close to it. A place with 3 or 4 people you could chat a long time with.


[x] Oh look. Alice.

And as usual it looked like Alice had found my spot and arrived there before me. It happens every festival now.

Well, it's not like I hate Alice, and she did pick the best spot. This time it looked like Patchouli and Reimu had joined her too.

I wandered over to the cloth spread on the ground and placed a bottle of sake I'd grabbed from the refreshment table down.

Marisa: "Heya. Mind if I join, Reimu?"

[Pose Change: Reimu Normal]
Reimu: "Of course not, Marisa."

Patchouli gave me a polite nod as I sat. Alice opened the bottle and poured for the four of us. Apparently Makai didn't have issues with pouring your own sake.

[Pose Change: Alice Normal]
Alice: "I imagine you swiped the best bottle that was left?"

Marisa: "Of course. I wouldn't grab an inferior bottle."

Alice: "I suppose that was a silly question."

Marisa: "Yep!"

Reimu finished a sip of her sake.
[Pose Change Reimu Thinking]
Reimu: "Hm... The sake tastes better this year. With that and the quality of the blossoms that means there should be a good harvest."

[Pose Change: Patchouli Normal]
Patchy: "That's just a superstition of course."

[x]"Darn. Don't tell me the sake pouring bit's a superstition too?"

Marisa: "Darn. Don't tell me the sake pouring bit's a superstition too?")

[Pose Change: Patchy: (Surprise?/Confused?)]
[Pose Change: Alice (Surprise?/Confused?)]
Patchy: "Huh?"
Alice: "Huh?"

Heh, guess Patchouli doesn't know it either.

Marisa: "You didn't know? It's lucky if a pretty girl pours your sake. I figured I'd get a lot of luck outta this party with you three."

[Pose Change: Patchouli Blush]
[Pose Change: Reimu Blush]
[Pose Change: Alice Blush]

[Pose Change: Alice Denial]
Alice: "It, it's not funny to make jokes like that."

[Pose Change: Reimu Annoyed]
Reimu: "Seriously Marisa, your sense of humor has gotten even more warped as you've gotten older."

[Pose Change: Patchouli Book]
Patchy: "...."

Marisa: "Heh, you three don't take compliments well. Besides aren't I pretty enough to return the favor?"

Patchy: "Too young for me."

[Pose Change: Alice Denial]
Alice: "Only if we're talking about external beauty."

Reimu: "Seriously..."

Huh. You say something nice... Still they all acted funny. I guess there aren't a lot of people who give those type of compliments about.

[Scene Change: Night Festival]

As the sun set the festival began to get more rowdy. Partially because most youkai loved the moonlight more then sunlight, partially because people were starting to get tipsy, or in Sanae's case, totally smashed. Seems she still hasn't mastered the art of drinking.

The four of us occasionally chatted idly as the light faded and the lanterns hung about the shrine began to light themselves. I recognized the work as one of my own designs, and I felt some pride that all of them worked. Another paycheck earned.

We sat in the red light enjoying the view of the blossoms. Every year the blossoms fall, but the trees remain for next year.

Hmm... Was that what being a youkai was like? The trees instead of the blossoms? Perhaps that was what Patchouli was hinting at before.

Flower viewing was a great time to think about things, and I had a lot of things to think about.

Nitori: "So what do you think of THIS, my dear Marisa?"

Despite the danger I turned towards Nitori's voice. It was always more dangerous not to look.

[Pose Change: Nitori Normal]

Nitori was standing there in a blue Yukaka, arms opened so that I could see the flower pattern clearly, or maybe to emphasize her cleavage. Or both.

[Pose Change: Alice Cool]
Alice: "A Yukata? Aren't yukata's more for summer festivals?"
[Exit Alice]

Marisa: "And it's a pretty standard yukata. Especially for kappa."

[Pose Change: Nitori Normal]
Nitori: "Hu fu fu. That's where you're wrong, beloved."

[Nitori pose: BEHOLD!]
Nitori: "BEHOLD! This is not just a Yukata! It is...THE ULTIMATE YUKATA (version 3.4)!"

[Pose Change: Reimu Exasperated]
Reimu: "Don't ask."

Marisa: "Ultimate Yukata? And version 3.4?"

[Pose Change: Patchouli Book]
Patchouli: "She asked."

[Nitori pose: Monologue, or maybe CG]
Nitori: "As you are well aware altering textiles to produce technomagical fields is a personal specialty of mine. The ULTIMATE YUKATA (version 3.4) is the latest model containing all my advancements in the field."

Nitori: "In addition to the standard micro missile launchers, stealth field, and bit attack control system, it contains a dryness field that keeps the wearer comfortable while still allowing the yukata's sexiness to be enhanced by liquid absorption."

Nitori: "And it contains my greatest advancement yet! The Pinpoint Gravity Defiance Field!"

Nitori leaned forward while sliding the yukata off both her shoulders. The dress of course slid down, revealing an ample amount of the kappa's chest before somehow stopping just before the top fell off completely.

Alice choked briefly on her drink, and I think I heard Youmu's self deception about her sexuality shattering somewhere in the background.

Nitori: "By altering the pull of gravity over specific locations, the yukata can reveal the maximum amount of flesh without the user have to worry about public indecency."

Nitori: "This field effect grants the wearer a 48% increase in general sexiness, given average bust and legs!"

Somehow I think the spiel might have been more effective if Nitori had been sultry, instead of 'overenthusiastic teacher.' Still I had to ask....

Marisa: "Doesn't that make it hard to remove?"

[Pose Change: Patchouli Book]
Patchy: "She said it again."

[Pose Change: Reimu Exasperated]
Reimu: "..."

Nitori: "Not at all! But I'm glad you asked!"

Nitori: "Just follow me over to the woods here and I'll happily give you a hands on demonstration of the removal procedure, as well as in a few other items I brought with me..."

[x]"No thanks! Wait... Missile launchers!?"

Marisa: "No thanks! Wait... Missile launchers!?"

[Pose Change: Nitori Behold!]
Nitori: "But of course! The ULTIMATE YUKATA (version 3.4), has a full micro missle battery capable of leveling the shrine 4 times over!"

Marisa: "Awesome!"

Now THAT was a seriously useful feature.

Nitori: "BEHOLD!"

[Pose Change: Reimu Angry]
Reimu: "You are NOT damaging the shrine, idiots!"

The Hakurei Yin Yang orbs flew from her sleeves and hit Nitori in the head a moment before turning around and homing in on me.

Marisa: "Ouch!"

[Pose Change: Nitori Owned]
Nitori: "Yipe!"

Suika: "Hey are you starting the fighting without me? No fair!"

[Pose Change: Nitori Surprise]
Nitori: "Ah! The oni!"
[Exit Nitori]

Nitori seemed to blur, then faded from view completely. It was a pretty impressive effect. Even with the swirling blossoms I couldn't see where the kappa was.

Hopefully that wouldn't be a problem later....

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 08:44 PM

[Scene: Kitchen]

The day was getting off to a pretty good start.

I’d already had breakfast, and was sitting at the table with a nice steaming cup of tea and a book I had borrowed from one of Patchouli’s shelves when her back was turned. There was a decent breeze outside so I had the windows open.

I'd even figured out what I could do for my formula while waiting for Reisen to get me my notes back.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was just too good to be true.

Just as this thought crossed my mind there was a deafening sound, like a peal of thunder, just twenty times louder and forty times closer. The walls shook and rattled.

As I was picking myself off the ground, a knock came at the door. Brushing myself off I trekked over and opened it to find an unexpected visitor.

It was a short girl with silver, bob-cut hair and a black ribbon tied to one side of her head. Over her shoulder bobbed a white phosphorescent orb, which seemed to chill the surrounding air.

Youmu Konpaku, the attendant of Yuyuko Saigyouji and groundskeeper to the gardens of Hakugyokurou.

Marisa: "Hello, Youmu, don’t see you outside the Netherworld too often."

[Enter Youmu, Pose: Frantic]

Youmu: "M-marisa, please, you’ve got to help me!"

Youmu: "I don’t know many people in the world of the living. You were the only person I could think to turn to!"

Marisa: "Woah, woah. Slow down. Breathe a little.

Youmu looked like she was going to keep rambling, but she managed to compose herself a little.

Marisa: "Now, why’d you come here of all places?"

Youmu: "L-lady Yuyuko has kicked me out of Hakugyokurou!"

I could only stand with my arm braced against the doorframe and collect my thoughts for a moment while Youmu fidgeted there nervously, awaiting my reaction.

She… what, now?

I brought Youmu inside and had her take a seat at the table after pouring her a cup of tea. Hopefully that might calm her down a little while I cleaned up everything that the sonic boom had knocked down.

Although I wasn’t very clear on the details, I didn’t get the impression she’d come with any ill intent.

When I finally finished up, she seemed to have settled down enough to make sense.

Marisa: "So start from the beginning. What happened exactly to make Yuyuko kick you out?"

Youmu took a breath and began her account. Apparently it had gone something like this.

[Fade Out]

-Earlier that day-

[Fade In, Scene: Hakugyokurou, mansion interior]

Youmu's day had begun with a half-hour of exercise in the gardens, interrupted only when Ran Yakumo stopped by with a message. Afterward Youmu had returned to prepare a traditional breakfast of steamed rice, broiled fish, and miso soup to be ready as soon as Yuyuko awoke.

When Yuyoko finally arose groggily from her room and sat down, Youmu took her place at her lady’s side and began shoveling rice into a large bowl.

[Enter Yuyuko Pose: Tired]

[Enter Youmu Pose: Tense]

Yuyuko: *Yawn*

Yuyuko: "Thank you, Youmu."

Youmu: "My lady. Lady Yukari’s shikigami stopped by this morning with a message. She seems to be inquiring as to whether or not m’lady will be attending the next festival."

[Yuyuko Pose Change: Thinking]

Yuyuko: "Next festival? There’s still some time before that, isn’t there? Ah, well, we don’t get many excuses to mingle. Very well, let her know I will be there."

[Yuyuko Pose Change: Normal]

Yuyuko: "Is there something on your mind Youmu?"

[Youmu Pose Change: Surprised]

Youmu: :Ah- I, it’s nothing! I wouldn’t want to bother you with it m’lady…"

Yuyuko: "If you don’t tell me, I will be bothered."

Youmu: "I… well, I was just thinking to myself… Have I been making any progress? How am I right now compared to my father?"

[Yuyuko Pose Change: Surprised]
Yuyuko: "To Youki?"

[Yuyuko Pose Change: Thinking]
Yuyuko: "Well, you and your father are very different. You both have your own individual strengths."

Yuyuko: "And of course your own weaknesses."

Yuyuko: "And, to put it plainly, as it stands, the gap between you and your father is probably…"

Yuyuko: "A hundred years…?"

[Youmu Pose Change: Upset/Dismay]
Youmu: "A hundred?"

Yuyuko: "A thousand years…?"

Youmu: "A THOUSAND!?"

Youmu: "So, are you saying my skills have not improved at all?"

Yuyuko: "I’m not the best judge of that, but you do cook rather well, Youmu!"

Youmu: "L-lady Yuyuko doesn’t need me anymore!"

[Yuyuko Pose Change: Surprised]
Yuyuko: "Wait, Youmu, when did I say th-"

[Fade Out]

And with that she fled Hakugyokurou, and came to the first person she could think of.

(That would be me, apparently)

[Fade In]

[Scene Change: Kitchen]

[Youmu Pose: Normal]
Marisa: "Ah… Youmu, I think there’s been a terrible misunder-."

[Youmu Pose Change: Upset]
Youmu: "Oh no! I just realized, I may not have prepared enough food for Lady Yuyuko before I left! I wonder if she’s going to be all right without me..."

I began to wonder now if all of Gensokyo would be all right without her there...

Marisa: "If it’s troubling you that much then why don’t you just go back?"

Youmu: "I couldn’t! As I am now, I am useless to her! From today on I will be living in the forest, training my body and soul."

Marisa: "The forest…"

Marisa: "THIS forest!?"

Marisa: "Wouldn’t you normally go, I dunno, into the mountains or whatever for something like that!?"

[Youmu Pose Change: Normal]
Youmu: "The mountains? I hadn’t thought of that."

Marisa: "You know... there's this great swordmaster that supposedly lives there."

Youmu's eyes lit up as I said that. With luck this problem might be out of my hair soon.

Youmu: "Is this true!?"

[Youmu Pose Change: Determined]
Youmu: "Please show me the way, Marisa!"

Marisa: "Uh... sure."

I heaved an internal sigh. Guess I'm not out of this one yet.

[Fade Out]

I led Youmu to Youkai Mountain. Sure enough not a second after we arrived, the White Wolf Tengu Momiji was there at the Waterfall of Nine Heavens, sword and shield in hand.

[Fade In]

[Scene Change: Youkai Mountain]

[Enter Momiji Pose: Normal]

[Enter Youmu Pose: Tense]

Momiji: "What do you want, Marisa? And don't think the same excuse will work like the last time."

Marisa: "I'm not here for me. Someone wants to meet you."

I shoved Youmu to the fore, who stood there dumbfounded for a moment before bowing stiffly and blurting out.

Youmu: "Please, Miss Tengu! Accept me, Youmu Konpaku, as your disciple!"

Momiji stood in stunned silence for a while before giving her flat response.

Momiji: "No."

[Youmu Pose Change: Upset]

Youmu: "Wha-!? Why?"

[Pose Change: Momiji Exasperated]

Momiji: "One: I don't take students. Two: you're trespassing. I'm already going to catch hell from my superiors for standing here talking with you. So tell me. Why shouldn't I have you both kicked out right now?"

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 08:49 PM

Flandre, of course, sat in the center of the room, on top a beautiful four poster bed. I noted that she was seated on the exact center of the bed, which was conveniently the exact center of the room.

She seemed at the moment to be occupied with drawing on what appeared to be a little drawing slate. She seemed to be drawing little cartoony stick figures of some sort, then systematically erasing them.

As I drew closer, I noticed she was singing to herself.

[Enter Flandre] [Pose: Happy!]
Flandre: “One little Indian left all alone. He went and hung himself. And then there were none.”

[x] Hi! What are you doing?

I walked up closer to Flandre, careful not to startle her, and looked over at her.

Marisa: “What’re you doing?”

Flandre: “Oh! Hi, Marisa! I’m drawing pictures!”

Marisa: “Oh? What are they pictures of? You seem to have erased all of them.”

Flandre: “Oh, that’s because it’s a picture of a song that I read in a book once. Big Sis said it made her think about me.”

Right. And Then There Were None. That song did feature prominently in it.

Flandre: “So…did you come to play?”

Marisa: “Yup. I decided I didn’t feel like sitting still today.”

Flandre: “Ooh, ooh! What shall we play? What shall we play?”

Marisa: “Hmm…well, we played danmaku last time, let’s do something easier on the furniture this time."

Flandre: “Ooh! Ooh! I know! Let’s play hide and seek!"

Marisa: “Okay. I’ll hide, you seek. Close your eyes and count to…let’s go with six hundred sixty six, okay?”

Flandre: “Okay!”

[Pose Change: Eyes Closed]
Flandre: “1…2…3…4…”

I dashed off into the mansion, looking for a good place to hide.

[Scene Change: SDM Parlor]

Soon I was running down the halls, searching for places to hide.

Behind some curtains? No, you could see my feet.

Inside this piano? No, the instant I moved I’d be busted.

Maybe on a shelf? Nah, Flandre could fly just as easily as I could…

Hmm…perhaps in this room…

However, as I attempted to open the door, I discovered it was locked.

Well, of course no one would think to look inside if the door was normally locked…

I pressed my ear against the doorknob, and pulled a couple of hairpins from my braid.

Let’s see…this lock didn’t seem TOO difficult to pick…


With a satisfying “snick!”, the tumblers of the lock clicked into place and the door opened. I put the hairpins back in my hair, and went inside.

Inside the room, there was a simple bed, a closet, and a simple dresser.

[X] Hide in the closet.

I went with the old standby of hiding in the closet.

It was actually rather clean inside the closet. There was the scent of neatly ironed and pressed clothing.

The vast majority of the contents of the closet, from what I could tell, were maid uniforms. They seemed to be much too large for a fairy, however…

I thought I saw a knife somewhere too…

That would mean this was…

The door slid open again.

Thankfully, instead of the diminutive vampire, it was the head maid who stood there instead.

[Enter Sakuya] [Pose: Surprised]
Sakuya: “Huh? Miss Marisa?”

[Pose Change: Normal]
Sakuya: “What are you doing in here? Thinking about applying for the head maid job again?”

Marisa: “Shh! I’m hiding from Flandre!”

Sakuya: “Hmm? But why in my closet?”

Marisa: “I figured it was as good a place as any.”

Sakuya: "..."

Sakuya: “Okay. Well, while you’re in there, could you hand me a clean uniform?”

Marisa: “Um…sure.”

I reached over and pulled down one of the uniforms hanging in the closet next to me.

Out of curiosity, I ran my hand over the chest area of the uniform as I handed over to Sakuya.

Marisa: “Hmm. I was kinda expectin’ that these uniforms would be a bit more…robust in the chest.”

Sakuya: “Of course not. Why would I need them to be so?”

Marisa: “But I heard…”

[Pose Change: Annoyed]
Sakuya: “Oh yes. You probably heard that from that tengu. She simply assumes whatever she wants. I assure you, this is my natural cup size.”

Marisa: “Really?”

Sakuya: “Yes. If you are still in doubt, I believe there is underwear in that closet as well. Feel free to inspect it as you wish, as long as you put it back where you found it.”

The fact that she was willing to show me her underwear WAS rather convincing…

Dammit. I was hoping she’d be in the same boat as I was…

[Pose Change: Normal]
Sakuya: “Well, if that little misunderstanding is cleared up, I believe I shall leave you to your game with Miss Flandre. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

[Exit Sakuya]

And with that, she shut the door. I heard her leave the room—presumably to go change into the clean uniform I’d just given her.

A little while later, I heard the door open again.

Flandre: “Maaaariiiisaaaa! I know you’re in here!”

How in the world did she know where I was?

I heard the dresser doors open, then shut.

Flandre: “Hm... Where could she be?”

I figured I’d see the closet door open any time, when suddenly I heard an explosion.

There was no way she could be…

Then I heard another.

I burst out of the closet to see that Flandre had completely demolished both the small alarm clock that had been sitting on Sakuya’s nightstand, and what appeared to be a small rack of throwing knives.

The remains of both were embedded in the nearby walls.

Marisa: “Flandre! You can’t just go around blowing up other peoples’ things!”

[Enter Flandre] [Pose: Happy!]
Flandre: “Yay! It worked! Found you!”

I started pulling fragments of clock and knife out of the walls.

Marisa: “Oh man…Sakuya’s going to KILL me…”

I heard a voice behind me right at that moment.

[Enter Sakuya] [Pose: Angry]
Sakuya: “Oh? And why would I do THAT?”

Flandre and I both turned to face the maid.

Sakuya: “I heard an explosion, so I came to check it out. And WHAT do I find?”

I think both Flandre and I turned the exact same shade of white at that point.

Sakuya: “I think the young mistress and her friend deserve a little TIME OUT, don’t you think?!”

I think both Flandre and I had the same idea at that point.

Flandre & Marisa: “RUN!”

Sakuya: “Where do the two of you think you’re going?!”

[Scene Change: SDM Exterior]


[Scene Change: SDM Interior]

After we’d tired ourselves out, Flandre and I ended up back in the basement of the Mansion. I managed to find a lounge in the basement before we made it back to Flandre’s room, and to flop myself onto a couch there. Flandre followed suit and collapsed onto a nearby armchair.

Probably for the best. Being in that room made me feel like I was slowly losing my sanity.

[Enter Flandre] [Pose: Tired!]
Flandre: “Okay…I’m tired now…”

Marisa: “Yeah…”

Flandre: “Hey…Marisa?”

Marisa: “Hmm?”

Flandre: “Why did you suddenly start coming over to play? You didn’t used to come over so frequently.”

Marisa: “Huh? Well, I dunno. I just felt like it?”

Flandre: “Were you coming over to look for books again?”

Marisa: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Flandre: “Would I like the book you’re looking for? Maybe you should let me read it sometime.”

Marisa: “I…don’t think you’d have any use for a book on immortality, Flandre.”

Ack! Was it really wise to tell her straight out? …oh well, it already slipped out.

[Pose Change: Curious!]
Flandre: “Immortality? Why would you need a book about immortality?”

Marisa: “Well... because.... Flandre, if you were going to die in 60 years or so, wouldn’t you want to make it so that didn’t happen?”

[Pose Change: Amused!]
Flandre: “Silly Marisa. Why would I die in 60 years?”

Marisa: “Well, not you.”

Flandre: “Silly Marisa. Why would YOU die after 60 years? You’re really strong already now. I bet in 60 years no one who would want to hurt you could!”

Marisa: “Flandre, I’m not THAT young. In another 60 years or so, I’ll be around 80.”

Flandre: “So…? I’m over 500 years old!”

Marisa: “But, you’re a vampire, Flandre. I’m a human.”

Flandre: “Huh? But, Sakuya is almost as old as I am!”

Huh. I always figured Sakuya was older than she looked. Of course, with her control over time, this was hardly surprising.

Marisa: “Sakuya’s…a special case. Most humans don’t live past 80. No human lives past 115.”

[Pose Change: Curious!]
Flandre: “Really? Why? Is there some youkai that hunts old humans that eats you when you get old?”

Marisa: “Well, sorta. When a human gets really old, her body just starts to break down. Then the Shinigami come and take her away to the afterlife.”

Flandre: “…now you’re just making things up!”

Marisa: “I’m not! Haven’t you ever wondered what the Shinigami do?”

Flandre was silent for a while after this.

Eventually, she shook her head as though to clear it, and looked at me.

[Pose Change: Tired!]
Flandre: “*Yawn* This is making my head hurt. I’m going to go sleep.”

She stood up and promptly began walking towards the door, looking slightly troubled.

When she got to the door, she muttered something.

Flandre: “Marisa can only play for another 60 years or so…”

Marisa: “Well, that’s why I want to become immortal, Flandre…”

[X] So I don’t lose my research.

Marisa: “…so all my hard work doesn’t go to waste.”

[Pose Change: Curious!]
Flandre: “Hmm…okay. Well…why not write it all in a book or something? Like that Agatha Christie human.”

Flandre: “If what you said was true, she’s probably dead now. But she wrote all her stories in books.”

Marisa: “It’s not really the same, I guess.”

Flandre: "..."

[Pose Flandre Tired]
Flandre: “I’m confused…*yawn*. Well, I guess I’ll just sleep on it then. Nighty-night!”

I said goodnight to Flandre, then headed home, my resolve to keep living strengthened.

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