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Topics I've Started

  1. Demo 3.0 Feedback

    Posted 5 Sep 2016

    Any comments, critiques, bugs, game crashes (hopefully we won't see much of those last two!) feel free to post them here. Or make another topic if you think you have a lot, your choice.

    If your forum account is still awaiting validation, please send an email to daisukimadan (at) gmail.com with your chosen username and a topic like "Account validation".
  2. Mini-Gallery For Bbcode

    Posted 3 Jul 2011

    The BBCode in the attached .txt file gives you a quaint little preview gallery of ESR like this. All the thumbnails shown in this preview link to the full-size image shown in the thumbnail.

    Posted Image

    Paste of the BBCode http://pastebin.com/PHm2zXny

    Other formats to come if there's demand.
  3. Eastern Starlight Romance Banners

    Posted 21 May 2010

    This is a random banner rotation using the SignAvatar service. It should give you a new random one whenever you refresh the page.

    http://signavatar.com/13038_s. gif

    Or you can get them individually here:
    Posted Image
    http://dsd.faceroll.... y_2_15_9425.png

    Posted Image
    http://dsd.faceroll.... _2_15_36541.png

    Posted Image
    http://i874.photobuc... eR/banner1b.png

    Posted Image
    http://i874.photobuc... teR/banner2.png

    Posted Image
    http://i874.photobuc... teR/banner3.png

    Posted Image
    http://i874.photobuc... teR/banner4.png

    Currently, only 400x125 pixel signatures are supported. If a smaller size is needed (notably on the Ren'py forums), let us know.

    The old one (Not in the rotation currently):
    Posted Image
    http://s874.photobuc... eR/ESR_logo.png
  4. Why Can't I See All Of The Forums?

    Posted 14 May 2010

    In the interest of keeping the game development under wraps as much as possible, we've made it so that only developers get full access to the site. Here's a rundown of what the basic usergroups mean:

    Developer: Able to access the Development sections. If you want to become one, please check out this topic.

    Inactive: A group added recently, it's the same as a visitor except that we know you were part of the development team before. Developers who haven't contributed or contacted us in a while (I'm saying two months for now) will be put in this group. Don't split hairs if you get put in here-- simply ask me or Iced Fairy if you want to get back into the swing of things.
  5. Want To Help This Project Along?

    Posted 11 Apr 2010

    Not currently recruiting. Thanks for stopping by!

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