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  1. In Topic: Demo 3.0 Feedback

    Posted 12 Nov 2016

    View Post SuperFeatherYoshi, on 10 November 2016 - 06:27 PM, said:

    Another one brought up by a viewer back in China, Utsuho doesn't have her chest gem in the hot spring scene, even though I'm pretty sure that gem's part of her body. (I think it's mentioned in Symposium of Post-Mysticisim).

    Looking at her profile in SoPM, I haven't found that. I don't know if anything was lost in touhouwiki's translation but the closest thing I noticed was this:


    She has an unusual appearance. She has a "Leg of Fission", the existence of which is suspicious, a "Leg of Fusion", which looks quite heavy, and a cannon-like object on her arm which is surprisingly a "Third Leg". She also has a bright red "Red Eye" on her chest. Her strange form is entirely due to the effects of the Yatagarasu which resides within her.

    But the ending of Subterranean Animism and a few shots in Oriental Sacred Place show Utsuho without the "third leg" arm cannon. So whether or not these were created by the Yatagarasu's power it seems they're not necessarily attached at all times. On the other hand fanworks that have the red eye attached to her body aren't necessarily wrong I think; for obvious reasons the official works don't show Okuu with her shirt off!
  2. In Topic: Demo 3.0 Feedback

    Posted 3 Oct 2016

    Hey, sorry I've been away for a bit, just dropping by to confirm our decisions on some of these points.

    View PostSuperFeatherYoshi, on 10 September 2016 - 08:50 PM, said:

    Speaking of errors, Koakuma confused Noah Webster with Daniel Webster when she was lecturing Patchouli about spelling. (For that, I spent half an hour doing research on the American statesman...)Also, when Sanae was playing mahjong, she said Thirteen Orphans, but a reader pointed out that it's supposed to be called Kokushi Musou in Japanese mahjong.

    We're definitely using Noah Webster now, good catch. For mahjong I believe the two names are referring to the same hand, and it's just a matter of whether or not the name is translated. Personally, I think Thirteen Orphans is kind of convenient because even though I don't know much about mahjong rules, I can kind of deduce that it means 13 different tiles.

    View PostSuperFeatherYoshi, on 19 September 2016 - 07:24 AM, said:

    Plus, how did Mystia get her hands on SEA turtle anyway? There is no sea in Gensokyo.

    At some point post-demo it's mentioned that Mystia has her sources. Possibly something to do with a gap youkai.

    View PostRaineh Daze, on 30 September 2016 - 02:02 PM, said:

    One of the choices with obvious stat-ups, love in this case*, still goes to a message announcing that even though the little pictures make it long since unnecessary. Speaking of the pictures, if you have any idea why reloading the game and picking a different choice causes it to erratically append as if you'd picked some other option... that's a bit strange. I never knew how many choices were linked to the stats until this.*I think it's if you choose to get coffee in the village.

    It's a reference to Persona 3. For some reason, your charm goes up when you drink coffee. (I only found out about this today, myself. I've only played Persona 4)

    View PostSuperFeatherYoshi, on 02 October 2016 - 03:25 AM, said:

    Another odd thing, on the 12th of March, Marisa says that she's "named after the drizzling rain". Except... She isn't. "Kirisame" is her family name, not her given name.

    Maybe... the thing is though, Marisa's just joking around and Reimu isn't on the scene yet to make a snappy retort yet.

    View PostSuperFeatherYoshi, on 02 October 2016 - 04:42 AM, said:

    Plus, during the fight between Reimu and Marisa, Reimu declares "Divine Treasure - Ying-Yang Orbs". Even though only Kaguya's spell cards start with "Divine Treasure".

    It's possible that the translation in the wiki or games changed over time. None of us actually read the game or other sources in Japanese so we've been relying on translations for names. We're using "Holy Relic" instead of "Divine Treasure" now, and hopefully we'll remember to do so if the full spellcard name is used again.
  3. In Topic: Demo Black Screen

    Posted 17 Nov 2015

    To clarify on that, my problem actually came up when using a fairly recent version of Ren'py in Windows 10. That was 6.99.x, but not the latest version at the time; the latest version seems to do fine on Windows 10. I haven't been able to reproduce it on the demo.

    But yeah, until I know more my suggestion is to try right-click -> Properties -> Compatibility, then try using the troubleshooter or Compatibility mode.
  4. In Topic: Eastern Starlight Romance Links Are 404

    Posted 16 Apr 2015

    Apologies, we had a little trouble getting in contact with the guys running the site. The Demo 2.0 downloads should be working again.
  5. In Topic: Getting A Consistent Bosd Out Of Chapter Two

    Posted 17 Oct 2013

    Well, I think we can rule out a DirectX or OpenGL related problem at least. Still, I don't have any ideas on what could've caused it at the moment.

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