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The Story Speculation Thread

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Posted 23 March 2011 - 08:34 PM

This thread is for any speculation about the story you might have, (The speculation is from a fan point of view,gameplay,questions asked or somewat hinted at the Homepage)
NONE of these may be true and this does not need any confirmation if it is true (but if you want to confirm if its true you can)
At this time I have only played the furthest I can (from demo 1a) mainly focusing on Alice and Flandre (I think I ended up going full Flandre at the end though)
(To DEVS and ADMINS If you feel this Thread should be deleted/modified do what you want, just please tell me why)
Feel free to debate/challenge anyones ideas on the story just keep it good natured and not over Extreme

You could use this as a guide if you want but it wont really help much though some is true, some may be false,
think of this as useful as Koishis relationship diagram, some may be true but is just the way people view things.

Possibilities for the Mystery Romance

"I can say that I’ve now given out the name of our hidden romantic interest though."~IcedFairy

Nitori (She seems to have it in for Marisa, Im sorta hoping that it isnt her maybe its because it seems too obvious so I want to be suprised)
Youmu (On my route she is staying over at Marisas place and getting Marisa to help her train)
Koakuma (Well Marisa relies on her for help and she loves Patchy, maybe a love triangle or a fight for Patchys love?)
Koishi (Maybe if you keep going to her for help you might form a romance)
Sanae (I cant remember seeing her in my playthrough of the demo)
Mystia (She doesnt really appear often does she?)
Sakuya (Doubt it Marisa doesnt really go to the SDM often and majority of the time its for Flandre,when she starts coming often, or for Patchy/Voile to Steal Borrow some books)
Rinnosuke (Well he is Yukaris foil so I doubt it but Rinnosuke has known Marisa for a long time)
Suika (Highly doubt it, she seems to have it in for Reimu more)

Possible Good Endings
Mystery Romance
Harem ending:
More like the one found in Fate/Stay Night or the start of Hollow Ataraxia or the majority of H-VN where everyone is happy and loving or it could be like the ones in Tsukihime with Marisa being unaware of everyone wanting her and everyone wanting to kill the other or it could be somthing completely different

Possible Bad Ends Source used http://dsd.faceroll.net/?p=86 (May 25th, 2010)
Having no Romance: Well its always possible
Death by explosion: Maybe a doll bombing, Alice maybe? But Danmaku causes explosions anyone causing one is possible.Or it could be a cooking accident)
Sealing: Maybe by Yukari, "can be either helpful or antagonistic" "Of course, there’s plenty of gap-based hijinks in it as well…", so she could seal you in a gap (I dont even know if this is possible, also with Reimu she can seal youkai (sealing type Reimu) so why not Marisa as well if she becomes one
Death for not wiping blood off your shirt: Sadly I dont know what Iced Fairy means by that route my guess would be Flandre
Death for reading Dracula (and not the bunny):
"In fact the aftermath of this is the first time you can get yourself painted over the walls, though hardly the last." Well I have a save on the reading Dracula so im going to check it out later
Shoving your soul into a doll: Pretty obvious here most likely the cause Alice
Turn you inside out: Well this seems rather gorey so I guess the cause is Flandre but I dont know what inside out is
Turn off your lungs: Well this is magical so either the cause Patchy or Alice
Marisa goes on a massacre multiple times (I think): "There are a couple of ends where Marisa leaves some bodies behind, though you’ll have to work at it to find them."~Iced Fairy. This is really interesting cant think of a cause but yay for Yandere(?) Nanaya(?) Marisa.
"I am the spider that set this web. -Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber...OF LOVE"
The Scarlet Devil Mansion attacks you: Remilia might attack Marisa if she suddenly stops playing/visiting Flandre
Danmaku Death: The spell card rules stop death in fights but with Flandre you still have a chance to die, also spell card rules dont always have to be used
Harem death ending: There comes a time when you have too much love and you get killed by it. If this ending will happen I am hoping that it will be like School Days
Become a Mecha: Anything can happen with Kappa technology and with Sanae around anything with Mechas are possible (like Hisoutensoku)
Death of the lover: With every love story there has to be a tragedy (the death of the lover might lead to the Marisa Massacre though so it wont end there)
End of Gensokyo: Well if Reimu dies then Gensokyo gets messed
Nuke: Utsuho is there so Nukes are always possible

Possible Ways of getting immortality
The Magicians Way:
Well Alice might help Marisa achieve this
Become a Living doll: Less like the bad ending, more like Marisa gets Alice to stuff her soul into her human size doll that she is making
Become a Mecha: Anything can happen with Kappa technology and with Sanae around anything with Mechas are possible
Become a Ghost: Well Marisa could just be an un-moving ghost like Yuyuko by burying her body under the Cherry Blossom tree and doing other stuff, or just a regular ghost
Become a Vampire:Flandre or Remilia might make Marisa become a Vampire so Marisa can play with Flandre more
Become a Fairy: Well I dont know how this can happen but Fairies can never really die they just reincarnate quickly and act as if nothing happen

Character Possibilities
Reimu will possibly not like/hate Marisa if she becomes immortal, Reimu,Sakuya and Marisa are really the only characters in Gensokyo (besides normals) who have a short life span (compared to Youmu,Rinnosuke,Keine or Remilia)
Yandere versions of any of the characters are possible most likely with Alice or Flandre

Possible Stat Usage (may not be true) Source used http://dsd.faceroll.net/?p=132 (June 6th 2010)
Danmaku: "Marisa’s Danmaku stat will likely determine the outcome of many of her fights against the other residents of Gensoukyo" Most likely need most in Flandres route. Stat increases by training, being in Danmaku fights, watching Danmaku or just looking at the rain fall
Kleptomania: Mainly used for Stealing Borrowing from other residents or cheating at Mahjong.
"Being good at stealing also helps delicate manipulation in general, just in case you needed to help with a puppet show or something." Most likely the Stat is used most in Alices route or in situations in Voile. Stat increases by Stealing Borrowing or Practicing Puppetering
Knowledge: "Knowledge is a girl in the Scarlet Devil Mansion a great aid in figuring out where useful things might be or picking up great ideas" "Knowledge will allow you to perform useful magic tricks on a day to day basis." Most likely it is comcentrated in Patchoulis route but Knowledge is somthing used everyday so most likely all routes require this. Stat increases by reading
LOVE: "Marisa’s ability to get people who would otherwise beat her to a pulp to actually enjoy the time they spend with her. Whether charming your friends and enemies, or just fast talking your way past people who really should know better" Most likely LOVE is used a lot and for cooking, I guess Marisa will be cooking for people who provide her with her food Youmu,Reimu,Alice and occasionaly in the SDM. Stat increases by talking a lot maybe also by cooking a lot (losing danmaku fights forcing Marisa to cook)

Koishi is who you turn to if you need help on what to do and what Not to do
Marisa wont use the Hourai Elixer or eat Mokous,Kaguyas or Eirins(?) liver
By choosing "Blast her" during Flandres rampage (after Dracula) you get the demo bad end

Please Note
I will be adding all speculation by anyone to the main post (here) and I will state who said what

: Addded source for possible bad ends + added other speculation
UPDATE 2: Added bad ending in demo
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Posted 24 March 2011 - 03:24 AM

Heh, we don't have any problem with people making speculations of any sort. Go right ahead.

Just as a note we've tweaked some of the bad ends (some cut, some added, some altered) so i can't state that every death you listed will happen that way. There is one death in the demo though.

Oh, and the blood on your shirt one is something we tried to avoid. It's one of the more random deaths in Tsukihime. We made sure you could guess when acting in a particular fashion might get you in serious trouble.

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 08:14 AM

Well, there was an option in the demo for Marisa to ask Koishi "how about you?" during her love counselling session. I took that as a hint that Koishi would be the mystery romance character.
Other likely candidates? Eh, judging by Marisa's attitude to Nitori and her role as the comic relief character, and taking into account how most of the rest of the characters seem interested in someone else, I wouldn't expect them to be.

I wonder if there's a yandere Patchy end. There probably is.
No, wait, maybe it's Koa who'll snap on Patchy's route. Or both, really.
Will there be a yandere Reimu end, then? Well, why not? I can see how that would work...

Most likely immortality methods would be becoming a vampire (Flan's route) or shashoku magic (Alice/Patchy).
It's pretty probable that Marisa would stay human for most branches of Reimu's route.

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