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New Screenshots: Bargaining Chip

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

A new set of screenshots has been added to the gallery. This one is from one of Reimu’s days, though it actually showcases one of the rare males in Gensokyo… yes, it’s Mr. Morichika.

Go see it here.

Additionally, the main gallery has a couple of screenshots of our GUI in progress.

We can still use a little push in the art department, specifically Event CGs and backgrounds. Head over here if you think you can help.


Monday, June 21st, 2010

Miko Player 1.  The pillar of Gensoukyo.  Reimu’s fairly laid back for someone who has to deal with youkai on a regular basis, though the arrival of a new shrine and the constant threat of poverty have forced her to spend more time working.

Reimu and Marisa were friendly rivals back when Reimu needed a turtle to fly and Marisa had brown(red?) eyes.  Only Rinnousuke has known Marisa longer then Reimu.  They have a strong and enduring friendship….  Which is not exactly conductive for a relationship.

Still with a bit of trickery and effort, you should be able to convince Reimu to take another look at you.  And with so many years of being friends, Marisa and Reimu know each other very well.  Unfortunately, by becoming a youkai you may put Reimu in a sticky situation.  And you don’t want to force Reimu to choose between her love life and her shrine duties.

Of course even if you don’t choose to pursue Reimu, becoming a youkai is going to change your friendship.  Just as events have caused Marisa to start worrying about death, your actions may cause Reimu to start thinking about her long term duties to both the shrine and Gensoukyo.  Especially with Sanae dropping by as an example of a miko whose shrine is doing well.  Your actions will decide how this long time friendship evolves… or ends.