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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Marisa, as the heroine, gets a lot of time.  Admittedly she doesn’t get that much art time since we’re using Marisa’s point of view (most of the time) but in terms of screen time she’s almost always there.  Thus we’ve taken a fair amount of time to try to develop Marisa herself.

The first thing we tried to make sure of was that Marisa wouldn’t just be a generic protagonist.  She’d have her own personality quirks, character flaws and strengths, just as she does in the original games.  Of course this is a visual novel as well, so we have to give the player a fair amount of choices too.  Fortunately Marisa’s complex enough to have many different ways of approaching a situation, all depending on her mood (and the players whims).  Still there are going to be some times where Marisa does something brilliant or stupid (or both) that will be out of the players hands.  You didn’t expect the black white witch to not steal control at some point did you?

Of course uncontrolled theft isn’t the only thing Marisa will be bringing as a character.  Marisa’s quest for immortality is a large chunk of the game, and we spent a good deal of time working out the reasons for that and filling out the rest of her character.  In the process we created a whole lot of story for Marisa herself.  In fact Marisa will be the character the player learns the most about as they guide her through her quest to become a true magician.