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Demo 0.0.1

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

This post will be a little shorter then normal.  We’ve started programming on our first demo, so I figured I should explain a little more what to expect out of it, and why we’re planning a second demo.

We’re putting out our first demo for three main reasons.  First, to test our work.  Second, to get player feedback on our work.  Third, to keep our programmers from being terribly bored.

So why are we doing this over two demos?  Well quite frankly we need the testing and user feedback now.  We’re about 40% done with the script, and things will start flowing faster as we get closer to the end (even if there is more work).  Which means we need the players opinions on our characters, humor and style now, so we can fix it before it becomes the entirety of the game.

On the other hand there’s a lot of other stuff that isn’t done.  With 40% of the script we can give the player ALL the script for the first 40% of the game.  Art on the other hand isn’t as simple.  Easily 75% of the poses happen within the first two weeks of gameplay.  So even if Graph is ahead of us writers in work, there’s still missing stuff in the early game.  In a similar vein, way more then half the music appears in the first two chapters.

So we need to put out something, but it won’t be the full experience we intend for the final version.  That’s why we’re going to put out a second release, when art and music have everything squared away, to show you what we want the game to look like when it’s done.

Still, we’ve got a lot of stuff ready for the initial demo.  And we hope it gives the girls a nice intro.  The initial demo will go halfway through Chapter 2, and include the start of most of the side stories, in addition to the first seriously dangerous encounter Marisa can blunder into.  We’ve got a little bit of art and music left to go, and a chunk of testing to do, but we hope when it gets in your hands you’ll be able to tell us what you loved and what you hated, so we can help make the final game a better experience for everyone.