Always look on the brighter side of life…

May 25th, 2010 by IcedFairy

This posts going to be a little short to keep attention where it should be, specifically on Graph’s screenshots.  For those wondering, yes Marisa is reading the original Dracula to Flandre, and no she had no idea what she was getting into when she started it.  Hilarity is sure to ensue, and by hilarity I mean a big mess.  In fact the aftermath of this is the first time you can get yourself painted over the walls, though hardly the last.

That’s right, it’s entirely possible that your guidance of Marisa will lead to a time paradox and rather bloody game over.  Our Gensoukyo is a generally nice place, but you’re still dealing with very powerful people.  If you manage to screw them over badly they might just get angry enough to explode you, seal you, shove your soul into a doll, turn you inside out, or turn off your lungs.  And, well, romantic entanglements can be messy.

Still, we aren’t going to kill you for taking the wrong entrance to the Shrine, or for not wiping the blood off your shirt (well aside from that path). And there’s a powerful ally who can give you hints as to what to do and not to do.  Should you choose to spend time with her of course.

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7 Responses to “Always look on the brighter side of life…”

  1. Random fairy Nº1 says:

    Interesting. Are there ends were Marisa snaps and kill someone too?

  2. Iced Fairy says:

    Yes actually, there are a couple of ends where Marisa leaves some bodies behind, though you’ll have to work at it to find them.

  3. Random fairy Nº1 says:

    any of them will be on the demo?

  4. Iced Fairy says:

    After painstaking review I can state that none of them will be in the initial demo….

  5. Random fairy Nº1 says:

    Thanks for your answers Iced Fairy.

    But that’s a shame. Well, then I’d only have to wait to the final release of the novel to see them.

    If you permit me a final question, Is there a release date for the demo? If you don’t want to answer is fine.

    Thanks to the whole team of Dai-Sukima Dan for their work, and i’m sorry for not having any skill that could help you.

  6. Emily says:

    Interesting. Are there ends were Marisa snaps and kill someone too?

  7. Sigma says:

    There’s currently no release date for the demo. It should be considered TBA until officially announced in the blog. We’re working hard on this, but as we’re just doing this as a hobby, it’s taking longer than it would a professional team. I hope my answer has been satisfactory.

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