DSD is moving to a new server

July 2nd, 2018 by SleepKirby

Hey all, it’s been quite a while since our last post here. As you might’ve seen on the forum or the last blog post’s comments, there’s been on and off progress on ESR, although not as much as we’d hope for in the last 2 years. It’s time to renew our efforts soon, but one thing we need first is a new web server.

Sigma has very generously hosted DSD’s home at Faceroll for at least 8 years now, but he doesn’t have the time to actively maintain it anymore. We’ve decided it’s best if Graph and I set up a new server, and migrate the blog and forum data over with Sigma’s help.

Once the new server is up, dsd.faceroll.net will redirect to the new DSD homepage. We’ll be getting to work immediately on figuring out the details and setting this up, and then we’ll see about moving forward with ESR development again. See you on the other side!

2 Responses to “DSD is moving to a new server”

  1. Rain says:

    Good luck with the transition.

  2. Somehobo says:

    I’ve really been up for too long.
    I am already hallucinating things.
    I mean, how else would you explain this post?

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