Demo 3.0 is out!

September 3rd, 2016 by Graph

Hey all! It’s been a long road, but the new demo is finally here. Since Demo 2 we’ve completely reworked the sprites, CGs and backgrounds, and moved up to a larger screen res. There’s also an event that wasn’t in Demo 2 at the end.

Head on down to the downloads page to check it out!


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  1. Hunter says:

    I really can’t show enough gratitude to you guys for sticking to this project for so long, all I can really do is give a heartfelt thank you and the promise that I’ll wait as long as it takes to see the full game come out.

  2. wwwwwww says:

    The feeling of seeing this project continue is one that fills me with great happiness. It’s been a long road, for all of us in a different way. And I’m glad you’ve sticked with this project as long as you have. As someone passionately moved by this game, I plan to stick it through to see it to its conclusion, and then some, however long it takes.

  3. SFY says:

    When I saw the image I was afraid this is going to be a joke. Amazing work, you guys! Keep it up!

  4. q says:

    The new graphics look sick! Thanks for your hard work!

  5. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Fine work , skeleton!

  6. Graph says:

    @SFY: I see why you might take it that way, yeah. Actually, it started when I wrote “Sukusuku” in the game script to let the writers know where to add Demo 3’s closing message.

    It turns out Sukusuku are pretty well-liked among the dev team, so we kept it… and bam! Next thing we know the game has its first Sukusuku cut-in. Not a bad thing by any means!

  7. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  8. SFY says:

    Got a problem, remember that part where Marisa tests Ultimate Short Wave on Cirno? Cirno’s name is simply “blue” in the dialogue. It’s probably a glitch.

  9. SFY says:

    Also, small nitpick, but Patchouli’s library isn’t called “Voile”. Apparently, this is significant enough that ZUN himself corrected it in Sangetsusei.

  10. Graph says:

    @SFY Thanks for the report. You’re right on the Cirno bit, originally I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not but when I looked at the code it became obvious that the game engine interpreted our code in an unexpected way. Will be fixed in the final release.

    I brought up the “Voile” issue to the writers, but it seems they’re sticking with it for convenience. It’s shorter than “Mansion Library” and just “Library” didn’t quite seem specific enough. (Alice has a small library for example) We’re aware that it doesn’t strictly adhere to canon though.

    If you have more to add, consider making an account on the forums and posting in this topic so we’ve got it all in one place.

  11. Spiritus says:

    Really enjoyed the demo, guys. Very nicely done. Dare I ask how close you’re feeling to the final release?

  12. Sagus says:

    Hell yesssss I was waiting for this!!!
    Thank you guys so much for sticking with this project for such a long time!

  13. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Isn’t mermaid flesh supposed to grant immortality or something?
    Gotta eat that pink fish flesh if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Sagus says:

    Hey guys, a bug I just noticed:
    On day 3/27, when I chose “It was a clear day, perfect for a Shrine visit”, Marisa commented that she should tell Reimu that she was planning to soon take Flandre to the Shrine, even though I hadn’t chosen that option (I had chosen to take her to the Netherworld instead).

  15. Sagus says:

    Sorry for the double comment, but I just now continued playing, and the whole scene is playing out as if I had chosen to have Flandre visit the Shrine. Just to let you guys know!

  16. SFY says:

    Pretty sure you go to the shrine no matter which one you pick…

  17. Sagus says:

    Yeah, finally finished the demo and that turned to be the case.

  18. Aiya says:

    Hi, thank you for your hard work. It work perfectly on Windows 10 now.
    Playing through it, I am still surprised with the scope of the work. It seems to be a very ambitious project. The art looks much better. I have always like the writing of this project, and it seems quite in character for most of Gensokyo residents.
    Keep up the hard work.
    Looking forward to the full game.

  19. Touhoufan says:

    omg! thank you so much for your really hard work on this. Let me try it.

  20. SFY says:

    I can’t even post in the forum. Keeps saying I don’t have permission. The hell?

  21. Graph says:

    @SFY Ah yeah, since we don’t want to deal with spam accounts on the forums it requires admin validation. The blog has a halfway decent spam filter so we left it alone. Anyway, your account should be free to post now.

    I’m trying to check the registrations regularly, but if we missed it please send an email to daisukimadan (at) with the username you registered on the forums with.

  22. jbsnv says:

    I’m so happy that this came out, ;w; it’s so beautiful

  23. Naba says:

    So happy to see a new demo ~
    Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate this project, and all the effort that you guys put in it.
    Keep going you guys, you’re all awesome c:

  24. Chaoxdriver says:

    It was a lot of fun reading through ESR again, and the new art looks EXCELLENT. I’m very glad that you guys are still working on this project, and can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the game!

  25. Raineh Daze says:

    Well, the art is plain amazing now and the music’s as good as ever. I would’ve been happy if it just stopped at the end of Demo 2 so long as it worked on Windows 10, but the extra scenes were a nice surprise.

  26. 9734 says:

    So excited to take a second look!

  27. Veric says:

    Hello, just wanted to say that it’s awesome that the 3rd demo is here. I found out about this game about a year and a half ago and I love it. Very eager to see how your production goes.

  28. Veric says:

    I can’t remember if this was in Demo 2 or not, but the little symbols you get with stat increases is a great feature to have, I quite like it.

  29. SomeHobo says:

    So just so I get this right, there is already more content made but it’s not In Demo 3 since that was not a content update but more a functionality test, correct?
    At lest that’s how it sounds to me.
    Essentially I am trying to gauge how much content there will be in the game compared to Demo 3(Is D3 50% the full game or 75%
    or just 33% for example) and how long it will take ’till the Full Release.

  30. Aiya says:

    @SomeHobo: I think they have stated in several posts before that they have completed at least Alice route, and are working on other routes. This release is because several people, me included, that have reported problems launching the game in Windows 10.

  31. SomeHobo says:

    @Aiya So I take that as a yes.
    My question was mostly rooted in bad experience with some other route based VN’s, where about 80% of the content happened before pathlock, making the routes relatively short an not allowing for enough character/relationship development.
    Essentially I was just trying to understand how much of the total length the demo contains. Like, how much of the pre-pathlock stuff is already in the demo and how long the pre-pathlock stuff is compared to one route.

  32. Unpopular_boy27 says:

    I actually enjoyed the demo for Eastern Starlight Romance I can’t wait until the full game come out

  33. Edberaga says:


  34. Edberaga says:

    I hope there will be the full version! OwO

  35. Edberaga says:

    Keep up the good work! I always support your amazing game daze~!

  36. Andy says:

    Hmm… I want something Touhou. Something with story and lesbians… a video? A doujin? I dunno. I think I wanna play a game. But what exactly… I wanna play Eastern Starlight Romance, don’t I? Well, it’s been a while, so before I boot up the old demo I might as well check the blog and see if there are any new po-YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!

  37. AndStillWaiting says:

    Well I hope they are just waiting for Christmas to give us an update and haven’t just been pissing about for the last three months.

    What I mean by pissing about is that we haven’t gotten any info about future planning, planned release date, current status, in other words we are kept completely in the dark.

  38. Graph says:

    Yeah, we were pretty busy while getting Demo #3 squared away, so I took a break from the project after making some adjustments based on feedback on the forums. Worry not though, after I get things settled with my new laptop I’ll be working on the CGs for the home stretch.

  39. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Merry Christmas!

  40. Waaay! says:

    If we at least had an estimate, I would be happy.

  41. O.O says:

    OK I hope you get your Laptop running soon.
    cause I am here like twice a day hoping for at least a shred of information.

  42. .... says:

    In twelve days its been exactly 6 months since the last update.
    can we expect an update soon?

  43. Graph says:

    It’ll still be while before we have something worth reporting. We’ve gotten a few more CGs done, a few more days in the script, some more of that script coded, but the end is still a ways off.

  44. SomeHobo says:

    I wonder If we have to wait the full year before the next post.
    I mean there can’t be that little progress for there to be no post in 9 months can there?

  45. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    An update with little to no progress is better than no update at all.
    Feels dead man.

  46. SomeHobo says:

    Honestly, this makes me wonder if the project is even still alive.
    And if it is I find it quite ridiculous how tight lipped the team is with progress.
    There hasn’t been any concrete completion percentage or anything vaguely accurate in a long time if ever. I mean even in some other projects that get rarely updated at least the devs are quite responsive in comments and social media. Makes me think of the Sol Trigger Translation blog with one update per Year and even they have a progress page.

  47. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    This is the part where you post an update.

  48. Dle.f. says:

    Even if there’s no update, i’m still hopeful for this game and can’t thank you enough for how much work you guys putted in it! Still a fan of it years later <3
    I'm playing the game again and it never fails to make me so into it.
    Love you guys 😀

  49. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Same here.
    A progress report would be nice though.

  50. Dle.f. says:

    Yeah, I hope we’ll hear from them soon! Or at least before the year end

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