Updated cutins for Marisa, Alice and Reimu.

December 31st, 2015 by Graph

Resupply run
Foraging in the forest. Speaking of the forest, this time I tried to find some reference reminiscent of the backdrop in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

An oddly fitting comment for this post…

Additionally, for each route we’ve added a few bonus outfits!

Obviously, I still have to handle Flan’s set. Look forward to it, and Happy New Year everyone!

16 Responses to “Updated cutins for Marisa, Alice and Reimu.”

  1. Andy says:


    Also, yay! Keep working at it!

  2. jamesfelicia says:

    woooooooo an update

  3. SFY says:

    Damn, those new Marisa portraits are BEAUTIFUL! Glad to see her eyes aren’t marbles any more.

  4. Andy says:

    … Looking at my former comment again, I feel compelled to give a more articulate translation of what I wished to convey:

    “Why, I appear to be the first commenter! It is actually a rather simple thing, and rather silly to celebrate considering how little traffic such a slow-updating blog most probably receives, but still, joy is had in celebrating the small things, and so – yatta!

    “I am glad to see progress is being made on a project I look forward to seeing reach its fruition – huzzah! I encourage you to continue your work. And, of course, I do hope you will eventually finish it; the demo was quite enjoyable and of good quality, and so I hope that you won’t keep postponing its release out of a sense of perfectionism – I am sure the full game will be quite good. That said, the new art is superb! I shall be waiting ‘warmly’ until the game is ready, if you catch my reference, which I’m sure you not only did but have heard so many times that by this point you’re probably sick of hearing it. But in any case, good luck!”

  5. Carlosraruto says:

    Amazing, keep up the good work!.

  6. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:


  7. 28JFJ says:

    Nice to see an update. Bit late but here’s all the best for the new year.

  8. Keira says:

    Thank you for your update!
    I have something I wish to ask…I download the demo 2 to play again, but this time, I could not open it. There’re some problem with Windows 10 I think…

  9. Graph says:

    Keira: We’ve had a user who posted on the forums run into the Windows 10 issue too. But I’m still able to run it after I “upgraded” from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I’d like to gather some more information, if possible.

    1. Can you get it to run with a different compatibility mode? (Right-click the .exe -> Troubleshoot compatibility, or right-click -> Properties. Set it to Windows 7 mode and see if that does it)

    2. Which version of the game are you using, multiplatform or Windows only?

    3. Did you run the game successfully on the same computer before, and if so which version of Windows was it?

  10. Flandre Lover says:

    Glad to see this project is alive and well. Very, very good job at not giving up and continuing to move forward. I greatly look forward to the day this is complete. Looking very, very good!

  11. Keira says:

    Graph: Thank you for answering. For your question it’s like this.

    1. I cannot run it with compatibility mode. I tried all of them, Windows 7, XP, etc, but could not get it to run. It show the black screen and nothing else. I could not even close it, basically it made the computer hang.

    2. I tried both version, neither works.

    3. I have played the game in my computer before, when it was windows 8.1

  12. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Windows 10 is the biggest mistake Microsoft has ever made.

  13. WatcherCCG says:

    What happened to the website? It’s turned into nothing but pure text.

  14. Be wary of ◅ BACK : Gesture says:

    Whatever happened has been fixed now. Hard to believe it’s only been about 4 months. Feels like years.

  15. Mixtape says:

    We were (incorrectly) flagged as a dangerous website, which blocked most content in some ad blockers. We’ve since been removed from that list.

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