A word on ESR’s art.

October 20th, 2014 by Graph

Graph here. So, here’s my plan for my part in ESR for the next few months.

I decided not to try imitating the style of my old art when finishing up the remaining Event CGs. I consider this project a training exercise of sorts for myself, and using all the tricks I’ve learned in the past few years makes for the best practice, rather than going back to a style I probably won’t use again.

If I’ve got time at the end– and there probably will be a good deal of testing and QC to do after the writing deadline in June– I’ll redo the old character art, and perhaps the first round of CGs. Otherwise, we’ll make do with what we’ve got. I’m sure you guys will agree that this has gone on long enough!

I’ve also decided to upgrade the screen resolution of the game to 1280×720. Just small enough to let us use some of the old art if we need to. Have a taste!

Ice Cream with Flan

Alice and Dolls

10 Responses to “A word on ESR’s art.”

  1. salvatore says:


  2. Okuu851 says:

    Quite good art if I do say so myself d(^.^d).

  3. tsuchinoko92 says:

    Glad to know this game wasn’t axed. I’m real hyped since this is the first Touhou VN without any added male protagonist or something.

  4. Touhoufan says:

    Very good art in my view ^^

  5. Chronopolis says:

    That art is spectacular.

  6. LdA says:

    Godspeed. I hope the project will be finished one day. It’s a great one.

  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    so hyped
    too much hype!

  8. Stormwhite says:

    Super hyped for the full release – the “hidden” route is still happening then? (Sorry, my impatience may have caused me to look into the files and find out who it is).

    Not going to lie, was really worried about this being cancelled, but I’m super duper excited for the full thing!

  9. Leo says:

    I’m so excited for the full release. I just finished the demo 2 and I am still trying to process everything that just happened. I’ts so great!!!

  10. home says:


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