Touhou Mecha Chapter 3 progress

March 2nd, 2014 by Graph

Hi folks, Graph here with an update on Touhou Mecha Chapter 3.
Okuu's Discovery

The character sprites for this Chapter are done now! Admittedly I’ve been pretty lazy since the start of the year, and this should’ve been done weeks ago. I’m planning to kick things into high gear for the next phase, Chapter 3’s battle scene.

I’ll have new mecha art trickle into the Twitter account over the next few weeks. Look forward to it!
Old Rivals

21 Responses to “Touhou Mecha Chapter 3 progress”

  1. Okuu851 says:

    Can’t wait for this, nice to see a update after so long! I also eagerly await the chance to beta test again when that is needed.

  2. a guy says:

    Delicious Reimu. I agree with the first screenshot!

  3. The D says:

    Keep up the good work guys.

  4. The D says:

    Please update.
    Did you die?

  5. Graph says:


    No, what I mean is, a non-DSD project I was involved in revived, so I’ve been doing some concept art for that at the moment. Rest assured I haven’t forgotten about this, though it may be at least a month before I can make steady progress on Touhou Mecha again.

  6. Dawn over a lilly says:

    Hello~ again, I have enjoyed the esr demo quite a bit even got some of my friends to play. (And recommend this as one of the things to do when getting into touhou)

    But the lack of info for the next demo (or full version .< I did try out Touhou mecha and did a play though. But I am just not a fan of mecha in general and Touhou mecha was the one of two exceptions that I have made, the other was Code Geass.

    But none the less, you are doing great work.

  7. salvatore says:

    Hello, Will you guys be giving an update anytime soon or at least a comment to tell how things are? Otherwise I will assume this site is dead, and the hope of ESR’s new demo or full game dead, buried, and gone.

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