Chapter 2 CGs on DA

October 19th, 2013 by Graph

Select CGs from Chapter 2 of Touhou Mecha have been posted to my DA gallery here. Included are a few in larger size, and others that are only seen in-game briefly!

With that business out of the way, we can start working on Chapter 3. And with any luck we can get a more detailed status update on ESR up soon!

5 Responses to “Chapter 2 CGs on DA”

  1. jamesfelicia says:

    I hope that we can get a more detailed update on ESR.

    I’ve been dying to learn where that’s at now.

  2. TopKek says:

    same here.

  3. Ark says:

    Hey Graph! Loved chapter 2, but felt like it was a bit on the short side. Warmly waiting for chapter 3!

    PS I was checking out the WIP section at LSF and saw Paradise Plus. Thought to myself ‘wait a minute, this art looks extremely familiar…’; lo and behold I discover you are indeed the artist! I’m just curious, but are you working on a lot of projects at the same time?

  4. Graph says:

    Hi Ark! Yes, that’s my work you saw. I haven’t heard much on the project’s progress lately, but I might mention those non-DSD projects on this blog if there’s a significant update.

    I’m usually working on no more than 2 or 3 projects at any one time. Team projects led by other people tend to be pretty long-term commitments since everyone works at different speeds. So I’ll draw some stuff and then wait for the writer(s) or programmer(s) to solidify the next batch of material before drawing more.

    Though in the case of commissions, usually everything is pretty much in place before I start drawing. At least, I think that’s what a prudent project manager would do! That way you avoid wasting money on unneeded material.

  5. i am disappointing with you graph!
    no happy birthday to me yesterday
    shame on you ;~;

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