Of Fanservice, Bikinis, and Birthday Suits

May 18th, 2010 by LTalon


Visual Novels.  Lots of them have sexual content.  Not all, but lots.  So when we began this project, we had to decide…

“How explicit should our work be?”

Well, frankly, the general conclusion was that none of us felt confident or comfortable writing in an explicit environment.  Some of us didn’t think we had the skill to do it properly, and others just didn’t like the idea in general.

Of course “not explicitly H” covers a whole lot of ground.  We also had to decide how much fanservice we were going to put into the art, and how much we were going to insinuate was going on off screen.

Art wise we’re going to stay within the boundaries of safe.  However that doesn’t mean there won’t be fanservice.  The girls will be visiting the hot springs that popped up, and there are a few other interesting events that we have planned that will allow the girls to change outfits.

Writing wise… we haven’t fully decided yet.  However, sex is part of relationships, and even if Marisa’s relationship might be too young to get into those matters there are other couples in Gensoukyo as well.  So while nothing may happen on screen, there may be a good deal implied, or occasionally outright stated.

So…what does all this mean for you, the audience?  If you enjoy swimsuit pics and a dose of innuendo there’ll be something here for you.  But if you don’t care about those things don’t worry, we aren’t going to twist the story in odd shapes just to put those scenes in.  So, all in all, expect a lot of good fun, of all shapes and kinds.


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