April 27th, 2010 by IcedFairy

One of the great things about Touhou is the massive diversity in it’s cast.  This is a constant source of inspiration both to us and to hundreds of other fans who create Touhou fiction, art and games.  If I could I’d give every single character ever a cameo somewhere (note: include magic stone reference) and have a lot more speaking roles.

Unfortunately brutal reality forces us to concentrate on a smaller subset of that character base.  Not only do we need consistent characters for the story itself, but our artist quite frankly doesn’t have the three years it would take to make decent pose sets for every character that we’d like to put in.   So in a very painful process we cut down our character roster.

Still our current character set is around 30 characters, not counting cameos.  We tried to spread things out as much as we could among the windows cast (though the SDM makes that difficult…) and we made sure to keep a few cameos for those who love PC-98.  So there will be plenty of the odd interactions that are so much fun for us as writers and hopefully for our fellow fans.

We’ll be keeping some (okay a lot) of our cards in our hand, but in addition to our heroine and the lovely leads (Alice, Patchouli, Reimu and Flandre) we’ll be including:


This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but there should be some mystery.  I can say that I’ve now given out the name of our hidden romantic interest though.  What can I say.  I’m always bad about dropping hints…

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