Touhou Mecha, Chapter 2 progress

March 16th, 2013 by Graph

Hello, Graph here with an update for Chapter 2 of Touhou Mecha. The dialogue scenes are mostly done, save for a couple of CGs. The newcomers this time around include…

Magus Trio
The magician mercenaries who call themselves the Magus Trio, and…

Prime Minister Satori! Her appearance in Chapter 1’s intro was unfortunately cut out with the rewrite, but now she makes an appearance in person.

I’ve still got the whole battle scene to do, but with any luck I’ll have an update on that before too long, as well. See you soon, everyone!


6 Responses to “Touhou Mecha, Chapter 2 progress”

  1. Aiko1010 says:

    I do like a lot Marisa’s design! It really looks like her clothes in SA.

  2. SusanTheCat says:

    Those look amazing!

  3. Sarkan says:

    Glad to see this isn’t dead! I like the idea of the whole reimagining of SA intoa mecha genre piece, and so far the story seems solid. The writing and dialougue is decent, and while the artwork could be better, it could also be a hell of alot worse. I hope you guys see this project through to the end.

  4. jbsnv says:

    need an update ;~;

  5. Graph says:

    Indeed, an update is in order. For the past few weeks I’ve been helping out with the art for another game project, unrelated to Touhou. I’m collaborating with a couple of other folks from Lemma Soft ( who’re handling writing and programming.

    I’ll say more about that when more information is available online, which I guess will be after FAnime at the end of this week since the game is being presented at that time. Anyway, I’ll be back in the saddle this week. Apologies for the wait!

  6. Ark says:

    Love the character clothing designs. Waiting warmly for updates!

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