The Plot

April 20th, 2010 by IcedFairy

Of course our VN has a large amount of space devoted to having Marisa and whichever love interest you pick get to know each other and start a long term relationship.  But there’s a lot more to this story then just Marisa falling in love.

Most importantly is Marisa’s attempts to become immortal (thus the subtitle Eternal Dilemma) and the complications around it.  That will have a big impact on her relationships with the other residents of Gensoukyo, and on Marisa as well.  Transforming yourself into a youkai is a big deal, as is deciding to live your days out as a human, and either of those choices will affect you status as a friend or partner with the other girls.   (And then there’s the hidden desperation option….)

In addition because Gensoukyo is such a small place, there’s a lot of other things going on as well.  No matter which girl Marisa falls for there’s going to be friendships to maintain, overeager suitors to dissuade, and of course things to steal incidents to resolve.  We’ve done our best to try to keep things lively at all times.

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