Packed-in Touhou Mecha!

April 10th, 2012 by Graph

Elevator ride

We’ve made a quick update for Touhou Mecha Chapter 1– Touhou Mecha version 1.1.

The main reason for this update is because we recently discovered an image compression technique used by developers in the Ren’py community called JCC compression. Basically, it lets us use JPG images instead of PNGs while keeping the ability to use transparent pixels, something the JPG format isn’t normally very good at.

Windows download (43.3 MB): here
Multiplatform download (54.3 MB): here

The size of the Windows download was reduced from 83.8 MB to 43.3 MB!

Of course, there’s traces of JPG artifacts if you look closely while playing the VN now, but I think it’s barely noticable, especially when sprites start moving about. If this change goes over well enough, we’d like to make the compression technique the standard for the VN package. If the demand is high enough we may release an uncompressed version when the final Chapter is released.

Info, previews and downloads now have their own sections under “Pages” on the right-hand side of this blog. The full changelist for the Touhou Mecha releases is on the new Downloads page.

We’ve also made another preview video of Chapter 1, this time focusing on the intro sequence. As before, the framerate and picture quality of the videos aren’t as high as they are in-game, so be sure to pick up the VN itself as well!

Intro trailer

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