Touhou Mecha 1.0 is out!

April 3rd, 2012 by Graph

Chapter 1 Title

Hello folks, Graph here. The first Chapter of Touhou Mecha, “The Fledgling Sun God”, is out! I’d like to thank the beta testers for their comments, and you all for your patience in waiting for this game’s completion.

Windows download (83.8 MB): here
Multiplatform download (94.8 MB): here

More Game info can be found at the Touhou Mecha section of the blog.

You can see a video preview of the action segments on Youtube:

We hope you enjoy the story!

4 Responses to “Touhou Mecha 1.0 is out!”

  1. deltazechs says:

    I must say that I am impressed with the amount of work and custom artwork you put into this VN! Especially your work on the UI. It’s a real showcase of what level of customization that Renpy is capable of. Keep up the good work!

  2. Graph says:

    Thanks! By the same token, I have to thank the folks behind the development of Ren’py for creating such a flexible game engine. It’s served us well on both of DSD’s game projects.

  3. clipd says:

    with whom you’ve just made another (obviously even shakier) pact.

  4. live says:

    Funny, that’s animated to Dan Pink’s TED talk.

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