Introductions, Part 2

February 9th, 2010 by LTalon

Well, I’m next.  Miss me?

I’m LTalon.  I figured I should introduce myself next, after da Boss.  I’m the Funny Man.  I’m the guy who’s writing all your insane gags, leaps of logic, silly jokes, and so on.  Well, not ALL of them, but a good amount of them.  I’m also responsible for a good amount of the side material–specifically a lot of it relating to everyone’s favorite Kappa.

I’m also one of the writers in general, and the primary editor of the project.  I get to take a stick and beat people if they’re not following the Law.  The Laws of Grammar and the Code of Spelling, to be exact.  And if it comes to it, I’ll be helping with the Programming.

I’ve thrown together a few projects of my own here and there, although nothing particularly interesting to the uninitiated, though.  I suppose you just need to sacrifice a chicken or two before you really appreciate it…

I really hope y’all enjoy what I…um…we!  I mean we!  What WE put out.  It’s our blood, sweat, and tears.  Mostly blood.  And it’s my job to make y’all laugh while you do.

You’ll be seeing me around doing PR, so I guess y’all will have to put up with my colloquialisms  for a bit longer, eh?


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