Touhou Mecha continues

September 26th, 2011 by Graph

I’m here to announce the project we hinted at in the previous blog entry. I’m making my webcomic project, Touhou Mecha, into a DSD production!

See the new info page here.

Touhou Mecha dialogue1

Touhou Mecha dialogue2

Touhou Mecha CG1

3 Responses to “Touhou Mecha continues”

  1. Nameless Fairy says:

    I am excite! I’ve been waiting for a continuation to this.

  2. 28JFJ says:

    The art looks really good
    Yay for more Touhou

  3. iori98 says:

    Touhou ,Mecha, dsd productions *takes a seat* my mind is ready to be blown. Awesome work guys

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