Onward towards the final version

September 17th, 2011 by IcedFairy

I’d like to thank everyone again who looked over our demo. With that we’ve got good feeling moving forward. We writers are pushing on, though with the routes branching we’ve hit the bulk of our workload. Still it’s a fun job, as we finally get to wrap up all those plots we tossed into the air.

Art and music wise most of the work for ESR has been done. Graph’s still putting the finishing touches on things of course, and there’s a few songs Mixtape still has in the works, but a lot of that work is all wrapped up.

What does that mean for you? It means we’ve got some things starting up alongside our ESR work. We’ll let you know more about it when things become a little more solid.

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12 Responses to “Onward towards the final version”

  1. Nameless Fairy says:

    Awesome! I look forward to what you guys have planned next.

  2. Viscarder says:

    Can’t wait for the final version, hope it’ll be even better then the demos.

  3. R2-3000 says:

    Great!! :) I can only hope its finished late this year (though its unlikely)

  4. Nyahneko says:

    Woohoo!! sorry for asking but how long till everything is done? I’m also looking forward to what you guys have planned after ESR and keep up the good work guys.

  5. Cuddlefish says:

    I, uh, wow…
    That was kinda quick. Amazingly so, really.
    “some things starting up alongside our ESR work”
    My, what could this be, I wonder? [wktk] :)

  6. Ark says:

    Didn’t realize the second demo was out, and had a great wave of feel good nostalgia playing it again a year since the first one. While the first demo was limited by its length and depth of the routes, the second one plays quite as though it is a full fledged VN. I have a great deal of admiration and respect towards the team for sticking together through the years and developing, writing, and continuing to improve ESR to the nearly complete state it is today. Keep up the great work and rolling out the good stuff!

  7. Dustbunny says:

    Oh yesss I’m looking forward to this so much. It’s really improved since the first demo, so I’m sure the final version will be amazing. You guys are awesome.

  8. Ankoku says:

    A really nice thing you’ve done here. I really liked the whole story and I’m eagerly waiting for the final verision. This is going to be in my fav list when it’s out.
    The one thing I think it’s lacking is that it’s not open for everyone. Indeed, this is a Touhou VN, and it’s made (I guess) for the people who know touhou to a certain degree. This makes it hard for those who know little about the characters and the games. I wanted to give this to some friends, but I realized that they would not understand much about it.
    Of course this is really hard to avoid and, though I get that for the plot to run smoothly it’s needed to write without explaining every single thing about the characters, I would’ve liked to share this with some friends.
    Anyway, I really thank you people for creating this. A really nice VN and a really awesome work.

  9. LdA says:

    Question: can we get the soundtrack? I don’t mean right now, but after the full release I would be more than happy to get it separately.

  10. Mixtape says:

    LdA: Of course.

    I’m currently releasing one song every Saturday on my youtube channel, along with download links for each song. The full soundtrack will be available with the final release of ESR.

  11. Melfice says:

    any news on this project?

    its been really quiet for really long now so I’m simply asking

  12. SleepKirby says:

    Melfice: Yeah, Touhou Mecha has been in the spotlight for some time now, but ESR is still moving along slowly and steadily. There’s still a lot that our writers are planning to write, so we’re not ready to give a release date, but it is being worked on.

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