Demo 2.0 Released

July 2nd, 2011 by IcedFairy

We’re proud to announce that the second demo for Eastern Starlight Romance is now available. We’d like to thank our beta testers, supporters and players for their presence and comments. Please wait warmly as it downloads, and we hope you enjoy it.

Windows download: here
Multiplatform download: here

Manual/Readme, with screenshots: here

Notable additions:
# Demo now goes up to the second festival.
# Marisa portrait added.
# All artwork reshaded, most artwork redone.
# Music looping reworked. Added several new tracks.
# Music Room added.
# VFX added for danmaku scenes.
# Title screen altered.
# Options menu edited.
# Several script segments edited for clarity and brevity.
# Koishi advice edited to be more useful.

17 Responses to “Demo 2.0 Released”

  1. Des says:

    Nice work with 2.0. The little effort added into the artwork really shows. ESR seems a bit more polished now. Keep up with the good work!

  2. Rainy Daze says:

    Music room? Excellent! 😀

  3. Cystral says:

    Finished! Here are abridged version of comments, I will give lengthier one in forum:
    The advice from Koishi is more useful I have to admit
    The cooking segment was nice
    So no mention from the rest of the UFO crew? Only Hijiri? Aw…
    Taking Flandre around to all the different houses was fun
    Nice graphics!
    Ooh… Music Room.
    Also side note there is a place where I think it should be too not to.

  4. anon says:

    I’m not sure where to post bugs/errors and couldn’t find any info in the readme, but there is a complete text duplication when talking to koishi on 3/16 when investigating flandre.

  5. palver7 says:

    Good work guys. I do not know if you already fixed this or not, but in the version 1 demo, it is written that the shape of marisa’s mini hakkero is hexagonal. Can you check this again? Because I think a hakkero should be octagonal.

    Thank you for taking my suggestion

  6. opalord says:

    Heh, that was fantastic. Well worth the wait between demos, though cliffhangers are always a punch in the gut for me. Though it certainly means I’ll be waiting for the next demo/the release

  7. Aposke says:

    Absolutely loved the new demo, [SPOILERS] the cooking competition and the “Gensokyo 5” segments[/SPOILERS] gave me some good laughs.
    The story’s solid as always, I very much approve of the improved character art and everything seems to be getting closer and closer to feeling like a “professional” VN. I’m looking forward to the full release even more now!

  8. Topos says:

    Awesome demo. The atmospheric balance between seriousness and playfulness was very well done.

    I can confirm that the ‘hexagonal’ error is still present; in Marisa’s battle with Alice she says that she “pulled out a small hexagonal box”.

  9. LdA says:

    Music room is a good idea, although it would be nice to release soundtrack in mp3 format. The ‘Gensoukyo Five’ was too out of place and I would remove it.

    i guess, I’ll wait warmly unitl next demo / full release.

  10. Nc21 says:

    No way, the ‘Gensoukyo Five’ part was great!
    By way, you missed adding in Sakuya’s arriving (whish!) sound after saving Marisa from Flandre during this line: “Well, that could have gone worse.”

  11. Lombax786 says:

    I’ve played both demo versions, and I must say the second is quite the leap in improvement over the first. Though I have a few things to point out:

    -There’s no explanation on the purpose of the four stats (Love, Kleptomania, Danmaku, and Knowledge) in the VN, so I only strive to max out Knowledge under the assumption it would increase the chance of Marisa successfully becoming immortal. Again, an easy-to-find explanation of the stats would be appreciated.
    -“Magus Knight 007 Theme” (you know what I’m talking about) is awesome, but held back by one of the instruments used. Electric guitar (clean), is it?
    -This is probably just me, but I failed to differentiate the three versions of Crystal Lullaby. Perhaps descriptions where they differ from one another may help.

    That concludes my two cents.A Touhou VN is a very awesome idead and I’d hate to see you guys botch that.

  12. JackHatter says:

    i saw a pinky and the brain reference, a chibi vampire reference, a will it blend reference, and your persona 3 reference on april 2nd. oh yea and on april first koishi says “that that” instead of what im assuming is supposed to be “to that”.

    im tempted to not even justify that Horatio Cane reference with a comment. that was just terrible.

    watching Remilia basically be Simon from american idol but with a shorter fuse was downright hilarious.

    im curious as to how many references i missed and how many i imagined.

    Oh and before i forget. will our saves from the demo carry over to the full game when its out?

  13. SleepKirby says:

    JackHatter: for the saves, most likely not – we’re changing how the game stats are coded, so there’s a high chance that it will break Demo 2 saves (i.e. the game would crash on a stat-up trigger). There’s a couple of things I can try to make most Demo 2 saves backward-compatible, though.

    Still, depending on how much we change in the final game, your stat numbers in your Demo 2 saves may not make sense in the final game. So backward compatibility isn’t the absolute highest priority, but I’ll look into it when I get a chance.

    Oh, and speaking of stats – Lombax786, that’s a good point that the stats aren’t explained too well. There’s one line in the README that says “Stats can affect your available options later in the game”, but not much other than that. Admittedly though, the stats haven’t played much of a role yet – so far, they only trigger minor changes in the dialogue at a few points.

    I’m not one of the writers, but I’m pretty sure that later on, stats would affect story paths that are directly important to your chances with the girls. But even then, we’re certainly looking into making them more prominent in the parts up to demo 2.

  14. tzeshern says:

    Hopefully the next version will be the full game version. I can’t wait for it to come and download it.

  15. touhoufanatic says:

    argh it only goes to right before byakuren, i was so hoping to get alice’s ending!!!! please finish it its going to drive me nuts

  16. Leo says:

    Whenever I I click the link for the demo it give me an error 402?

  17. Leo says:

    Sorry, I meant an error 404.

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