Beta Testing Round 2

June 11th, 2011 by IcedFairy

So now that all of us have escaped our various obligations we’re working as fast as we can to get the demo together for testing. Which means in the near future we’ll need testers. In fact given the increase in size we’ll probably need a number of testers.

The upside of getting the beta will of course be that you get to see the demo early. The downside sadly is beta testing is a little more intensive then just a normal playthrough. We need people who can catch our internal contradictions, point out where we’re just wasting words, and clearly explain why they feel the way they do about our characters. In addition, since we’re working on the late game now, this is probably the best chance to change the direction of the scripts. Some things we’re doing by design (Flandre’s story is very strong early on, while we’re planning on Alice’s end to be very involved) but if characters are too much in the background we need to know now. Our playtesters will have the first shot at giving us that info.

So if you’re interested in being a beta tester please drop us a line at . Things to include in the e-mail:

– Your member name on the DSD forums if you’ve registered there.
– How much time you think you can spend testing.
– Any other reasons we should pick you.

If you get chosen we’ll send you info on how to acquire and comment on the demo as soon as we finish all the tweaks we’ve been working on.


2 Responses to “Beta Testing Round 2”

  1. 28JFJ says:

    What do you mean by “How much time you think you can spend testing” is that per day or in total

  2. SleepKirby says:

    I’m pretty sure he meant total time testing. At any rate, it’s just to get a rough idea about whether you have the time to at least test the demo fully. As IcedFairy said, we’re hoping for people who can make a detailed playthrough and check for story accuracy, weak writing, etc. – but we realize different people read at different speeds. (By the way, this demo’s about twice as long as our previous demo that was released last year.)

    I certainly appreciate your support for our project thus far, JFJ, so I hope you might find the time to test our game.

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