The Gensoukyo 5

April 1st, 2011 by IcedFairy

Sorry we keep falling behind on blog posts. Fortunately we got together something perfect for this first of April.

Many Touhou fan works have featured Marisa, but we’re trying to do something a little different. We’ve tried to stay true to Marisa’s character quirks, and personal oddities. We also have tried to bring up things that were mentioned in official works and usually forgotten by fans. Like her work on an immortality potion, her family situation and her interest in the outside world.

In addition we’ll be interpolating from some more distant things like Kotohime’s PoDD ending.

Thus enter agent 7. International woman of mystery.

Of course it would be boring to have Marisa acting as the mysterious agent 7 all by her lonesome. That might work for a Touhou ending, but not for a VN like our own. She’ll be teaming up with several superheroes from around Gensoukyo, all working together for a common goal. The overthrow of the corrupt elite, and the advancement of the oppressed classes of Gensoukyo.

And of course where would a bond parody be without a bond girl?

Who are the other stalwart heroes? We’ll leave you to find that out, but the rich shall tremble when they hear of the Gensoukyo 5!

Of course, Kotohime will make an appearance as well, to put down this populist wealth redistribution, though sadly that’s outside of the scope of the next demo. Still the actions of the Gensoukyo 5 should add a good dose of ACTION! to Marisa’s romantic endeavors.

5 Responses to “The Gensoukyo 5”

  1. Cuddlefish says:

    How to read this post:

    Hmm, something about Marisa’s characterisation again. It’s certainly different from the LOVE da ze! Marisa you see most of the time.

    Wow. Formal Marisa is Serious Business.

    Wait, does that mean there’ll be more…

    CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- [ahem] “Orenjji”.

    Waha~ Now I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  2. 28JFJ says:

    Is this for real o_O

  3. Cuddlefish says:

    [Spoiler alert]

    No, of course not. Look at the date of the post.
    But we got some awesome pictures out of it.

  4. ZeroTheEro says:

    Chen’s costume look awfully familiar…

    Oh right. it’s TMM.

  5. Coker says:


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