Demo 1a released!

August 29th, 2010 by IcedFairy

It was a long and grueling process (mainly because we felt our way though the process very slowly), but we’ve tested our 1st demo as much as we can, and now we’re going to hand it to the general public.

Download it here (windows) or here (other OS).

We’ve got about a third of the art and music done, and we’ve edited the writing a good two or three times (not that we probably won’t edit it again at the final release) but we think it’s a decent taste of what we’ve been working on since starting up.  Hopefully you’ll like it.  Even more hopefully you’ll give us ideas on how to make it even better.  Or beta testers already gave us some ideas that will take some time to implement, but greatly increase the quality of the work, and we’re hoping you all give us some more ideas for our writing while we can still implement them (or at least tell us we’re on the right path :) ).

This has been a really great team, and without their determination and loyalty to the project I’m certain we would have fallen to the wayside like many other projects have in the past.  I’m glad to have worked with them all, and I’m looking forward to seeing a tiny taste of our work (even though we have so much more to do).

Feel free to drop your feelings on the demo here.

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10 Responses to “Demo 1a released!”

  1. 1111 says:

    I love you all so much rigth now! I’m going to play in this moment.

  2. Della says:

    A really well-done visual novel, as good as many “professional” games if not even better. Well-written, with interesting characters, lots of options, and the perfect balance of serious and humour. Five stars out of five, and I hope we’ll see the complete novel sometime soon!

  3. charlie says:

    This is my first visual novel ever, didn’t think I would enjoy it and I was mildly supprised to see it was quite a fun read. Love to see more soon!

  4. LdA says:

    Good job.

  5. Kael-Kun says:

    Because I’m too lazy to make an account just to post in your forum, I’ll say it here. At one point during when Marisa is talking about her relationship with her father in the beginnning, she says “The strangest thing was that I knew more about death and the afterlife than most. I’ve even personally spoken with the people in charge.

  6. First time VN player says:

    I believe this story has a lot of promise to it. Though this is my first step into VN territory I find myself drawn into this story you guys have set up. The music is wonderful, but when Flandre’s theme starts playing, after one loop, there would be a static beat that really hurt my ears when playing the game and it would do it after the song finishes and loops again. The sound effects when the birds chirped also sounded too out of place compared to the high-quality we’re hearing with the music and other sfx, it sounded too fake while the other effects blended in so well I didn’t find them to sound strange.

    The characterization was fantastic and believable for a fan-made story. I really did feel for the characters and Marisa during the touching moments and the flat out hilarious ones. It takes a lot of good writing to make me smile or even smirk when it comes to media but this is on the right path and I do wish to see more if you guys could continue making it. Also being new to Touhou leaves me open to a lot of things but you didn’t go overboard with references that weren’t too hard to look up and as a newcomer I feel very welcomed with your story and set ups. The amount of detail and intellect in references to the real world and other games made me smile as well. This type of VN is more appealing then the usual hentai/romantic comedy stuff I see being written for the Touhou fandom and make it more adult without being too crude.

    The music during the danmaku fights could be a bit more upbeat as well, since it sounds like it’s music before fight a boss in a mid-evil game rather then Touhou’s relaxed play fights. It sounds a bit too serious for most of the petty reasons the characters are fighting about.

    I’ll replay it again with maybe some art critic and bugs if they show up. I hope this helps you guys out and motivates you to keep going. This VN is off to an excellent start and would be a real shame to not see come to its full potential.

    Little Lady

  7. Cuddlefish says:

    Replayed and successfully saved the option where Flan can kill Marisa. I’m definitely playing her path first~
    I like the Ba Gua shaped settings screen. I always figured it should be the earlier heavens and not the later heavens (like in Sangetsusei).
    Aside from a few spelling/grammar mistakes here and there (maybe 5 in total?), the writing is perfectly fine.

    Something bugs me, though – “Gensoukyo”? It would be better to Romanise it consistently, like “Gensokyo” or “Gensoukyou”. It’s like writing either “Toho” or “Touhou”, not “Touho” or “Tohou”. ;)

  8. Awesome dude ! great job ! Un Jour

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