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Touhou Mecha 1.5 is out!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Chapter 1 Title

Hello all, it’s Graph. I’d like to announce that the re-release of Touhou Mecha Chapter 1 is now out!

Windows download (67.1 MB): here
Multiplatform download (80.9 MB): here

This was almost ready to be released around the end of December, but I decided to wait for new music to go with the new content in Chapter 1. Due to computer issues, 1.5 only has one new song from OverCoat, but you can look forward to more of his work in future releases!

Even though it’s a re-release, there’s a lot of new content, including:

-An added Extras section which includes the TM Database, Music Room and Hellcat Corner.
-A rewritten first half of Chapter 1, including a new battle scene.
-A shift from 4:3 screen ratio to 16:9. The art and GUI have been updated accordingly.

More Game info can be found at the Touhou Mecha section of the blog. Enjoy, and please tell us what you thought about it on this blog or the DSD forums!

Note for Touhou Mecha version 1.5 and later: Touhou Mecha uses DirectX or OpenGL for graphics, depending on the in-game settings. Please make sure the related drivers are up-to-date if GUI elements appear to be missing or misplaced. You can change the method Touhou Mecha uses to display graphics by pressing Shift + G while the game is running.

If you’ve read an earlier version of Chapter 1 and you haven’t changed to a different computer since then, it’s possible that the persistent data will make the game attempt to display in 800×600 resolution, when it’s supposed to be 1024×576 now. If this happens, go to your computer’s Roaming AppData, and under the folder RenPy -> Touhou Mecha-1310569953, delete the file called “persistent”.

Eastern Starlight Romance Status and Recruitment

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

It’s a new year, and with the new year I figured it was a good time to tell everyone where ESR stands, and how we’re going forward.

First, the good news. We’ve reached the final stretch for all the characters. Admittedly our pathlocked sections are going to be of a decent length, and we’ve got a number of them even if we make some cuts, but we’ve reached them and have started to solidify the script for the last time. It’ll be easier in general too since we don’t have to keep track of all the other characters as much.

Second, the bad news. All of us have been incredibly busy with jobs, school, or other issues. We’re all taking steps to help get more time for ESR and make the best of the time we have, but it’s not easy. With things up in the air as they are, any time predictions as to the release are foolish. We’ll do our very best of course, but real life is a harsh mistress.

However because we do want to finish the project, and we want to finish it quickly, we’re doing what we can to get our post production done early. Right now we have a desperate need for an editor. One that is capable both of correcting grammar and continuity errors, and one who is capable of taking our many complex scripts and filling in the alternate paths we left blank because they’re simply tweaked versions of the main paths. Thus, we’re asking for volunteers to join the DSD crew and work with us to complete the game.

This is a long term commitment, and a job worthy of a full time spot on the team. If you want to grab that position and think you have the grammar and writing skills, as well as the time needed to commit to the project, please sign up for our forums and drop me (Iced Fairy) a PM explaining your credentials (or just interest).


Thanks to everyone who applied. We’ve gotten a new editor who’s now hard at work dealing with our terrible terrible grammar. Okay, my terrible terrible grammar. I apologize for those who applied that I haven’t managed to get back to yet but I’ve been swamped with lots of things. Anyways we’ll be introducing our new member in the fullness of time, but for now applications are closed. Thanks again to all our readers and helpers.