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Turkey Day update

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Hello folks, it’s Thanksgiving Day and I have an update on Touhou Mecha!

Magus Trio

The addition to Chapter 1 has been written and coded. I’ve also finished the new mecha sprites and CGs. That leaves us with this remaining work:

– A few more expression sets for Utsuho, Rin and Yamame for the rewritten dialogue
– Rework the code on the old part of Chapter 1 to work with the new 1024×576 resolution
– Program a few extra features

What extra features, you ask? Here’s what’s planned right now…

-Music Room
-TM Database, explained in this post
-Hellcat Corner, which will contain some skits in which we freely break the 4th wall and talk about the story and world of Touhou Mecha itself!

At this point, there are no plans for a CG gallery, since the VN has been kept to a fairly modest screen size to simply the task of animation. Instead, I’m thinking of uploading select CGs to my Deviantart account and possibly the DSD forums, depending on image size limitations. You may see them in up to twice the size of how they appear in the VN!


A first-half-of December release should be possible if I control the urge to redraw a bunch of things. Already tempted to redo Utsuho’s sprite set… but anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll see you all again soon.