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Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Hello everyone, this is Graph. I Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season so far! For those of you that haven’t noticed, we have a new logo that I designed at the top of this blog page and the forums. Just a little something to help get DSD’s name out there in our future game releases.

This year our holiday present is an update on Touhou Mecha; we’re making some good progress here. I mentioned in the previous update that I was considering making the battle sequences using sprites; I’m happy to report that it’s going well for the most part (just have to figure out how to avoid making Ren’py slow down with the large Yatagarasu mecha sprite). As it’s a one-man show as far as artwork goes, don’t expect animation on the level of Super Robot Taisen, but I think I can pull off something close to the mecha scenes of Muvluv Alternative (VNDB info link).


They must have hats.

Stupid Bird!

Evil Eyes?

Yatagarasu's plasma rifle

Our progress so far is as follows:

Character sprites: 100%!
Backgrounds: 70%
Mecha sprites: 40%
CGs: 5%
Music: Pending…
SFX: 80%
GUI programming: 90%

Provided I can figure out what to do about music soon, I think we’re looking at a January or February release for Chapter 1. Again, unlike Eastern Starlight Romance, Touhou Mecha is going to have periodic Chapter releases so this release will be considered more or less “finished”, rather than a demo (though we might retroactively update sprites or add new ones later).

Also don’t worry about ESR. The writers are still working on it. It’s just not as exciting to talk about random pieces of scripting. We’re just lucky to be at the point where we can work on both without sacrificing quality on either.