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UI Changes

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Marisa emotions

We’ve spent a lot of time fixing things up after our first demo. Graph pretty much redid all of the artwork. Mixtape and Strato tweaked and added a bunch of songs. Kirby’s prettied up the UI. And of course us writers have been editing the script (in addition to pushing on towards the endings). Most of these started as soon as we got player feedback in.

Some ideas however just sort of popped up. One of them was LTs on and off idea of giving Marisa some screen time. Of course this was usually set aside, both because it wasn’t common practice, and because Graph had enough on his plate.

However some time opened up right as we started finishing up the 2nd demo artwork, and so we decided to try it out. And we all liked it. It helps us show Marisa’s personality, and opens up the stage for a little more comedy. So you can look forward to seeing Marisa in more then just a few CGs.