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Demo 1a released!

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

It was a long and grueling process (mainly because we felt our way though the process very slowly), but we’ve tested our 1st demo as much as we can, and now we’re going to hand it to the general public.

Download it here (windows) or here (other OS).

We’ve got about a third of the art and music done, and we’ve edited the writing a good two or three times (not that we probably won’t edit it again at the final release) but we think it’s a decent taste of what we’ve been working on since starting up.  Hopefully you’ll like it.  Even more hopefully you’ll give us ideas on how to make it even better.  Or beta testers already gave us some ideas that will take some time to implement, but greatly increase the quality of the work, and we’re hoping you all give us some more ideas for our writing while we can still implement them (or at least tell us we’re on the right path 🙂 ).

This has been a really great team, and without their determination and loyalty to the project I’m certain we would have fallen to the wayside like many other projects have in the past.  I’m glad to have worked with them all, and I’m looking forward to seeing a tiny taste of our work (even though we have so much more to do).

Feel free to drop your feelings on the demo here.

Beta testing.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We’ve been quiet for a while, but that’s because we’ve set our nose to the grindstone and put together most of our first demo. We’ve done all the art and music we need, and we’ve got a little over half the programming done as well.

So why are we asking for beta testers for a demo? Well two reasons. One is we don’t trust four people to be able to catch all the spelling and grammar errors in our work. Another is we’re looking for people to help us for future beta work, and possibly one or two to critique our scripts as they’re written. And of course the more eyes that check our work the faster we can get a finished project out for general consumption.

So if you’re interested in being a beta tester please drop us a line at . Things to include in the e-mail:

– Your member name on the DSD forums if you’ve registered there.
– How much time you think you can spend testing.
– Any testing experience you might have.
– Any other reasons we should pick you.

If you get chosen we’ll send you info on how to acquire and comment on the demo as soon as we clean out all the big bugs.